Take Back Control of Your Work Life

You control your portfolio – you’ve got 100% ownership. No danger of having clients poached and reassigned to junior property managers and no chance you’ll be stuck with the problem properties, either! Be your own boss and build your own career.

Goodbye Admin. Hello Home Time

Stop slaving away over piles of paperwork! Our user-friendly mobile software takes care of it all. More beach time? More family time? You finally have a choice.

Your Property Den Journey

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You've spent enough time being the punching bag of the real estate industry. You've thought about making a change but didn't quite know where to go.

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Let's Talk

Learn more, get in touch. Let's have a casual chat over Skype or in person. Discover how Property Den can help you get your lifestyle back.

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Keep Your Properties

Stop watching your favourite properties get reassigned to other property managers... And having problem properties thrown onto your plate.

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You've got the time and the support to grow your portfolio. And it is your portfolio – to build and nurture, and to sell whenever you want.

What Our Software Does For You

  • Makes inspections a breeze – take photos, receive and submit condition reports from your phone or tablet. No more following the paper trail!
  • Stores all your agreements with landlords, tenants– filing-cabinet free
  • The death of printing and scanning – receive and submit condition reports using photos you (and your tenants) take from their phones. In real time!
  • Keeps maintenance requests neat and tidy – tenants can submit requests digitally so nothing gets lost in the email chain!
  • Control payments from landlords and tenants – and pay contractors for repairs and maintenance.

Heard Enough? Don't Look Back